Informed Delivery by the United States Postal Service is now available in eligible zip codes.

What is Informed Delivery? It is an email and online dashboard notification system that emails greyscale exterior images of the recipients’ mail that they are set to receive later that day. (Learn more here.)

The service is free and only requires a quick sign up on the website.

What does Informed Delivery mean for your ad agency? Multiple impressions from a single mailpiece result in higher brand recognition and retention, plus, improved email rates.

This interactive video gives an overview on what Informed Delivery is, and how it can help your agency:

  • Get lower cost per impression
  • Improve email open rates
  • Enable multi-channel marketing
  • Generate revenue and cross/up-sell
  • Improve retention
  • Maximize envelope views

Watch the video here:

To learn more about how your agency can set up an Informed Delivery campaign, contact your account manager at Digital Dog Direct, or contact us here.