Digi Says…“Advanced personalization can deliver ROI of more than 2,000%.”

Variable Data Printing for Advanced Personalization

Personalization isn’t just about swapping out text to include someone’s first name. In fact, research from Pure360 found that just 8 percent of consumers would be more likely to engage a brand when addressed by their first name. This kind of basic personalization is helpful, but it’s been around for a long time. Your customers expect more.

According to Liveclicker, more advanced personalization that meets modern expectations can result in more than $20 earned for each dollar invested. In the world of direct mail, variable data printing makes it possible to achieve this level of personalization without slowing down the printing process.

What Is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing uses sophisticated software and hardware to customize direct mail on a massive scale to create a truly one-on-one experience for each person on your list. Every single part of a printed piece can be customized in some way.

If you’re planning to send out a 10,000-piece mailing, variable data printing would allow you to automatically personalize every mailer based on relevant information you have about each recipient in your database. More than swapping out just the recipient’s name, variable data printing can be used to customize the messaging, images, offers, pricing, dates, locations, calls-to-action and more.

What Direct Mail Variables Can Variable Data Printing Customize?

Here are just a few examples of how variable data printing delivers the kind of advanced personalization that can dramatically increase the performance of your direct mail campaigns.

  • A family dental office can send appointment reminders using images that reflect the household. Similarly, a veterinary hospital can send reminders using photos of dogs, cats, birds, or any other pet in the household.
  • A retailer’s coupons, promotions, and product recommendations can be personalized based on the recipient’s purchase and interaction history. For example, a cable company can offer packages that reflect interests, previous purchases, and related services.
  • A hospital or medical practice can highlight specific conditions and treatment options that are relevant to the household.
  • An auto dealership can show photos of vehicles that are appropriate for certain demographics. For example, a household with three children would receive a mailer that showcases a minivan or large SUV.
  • A business with multiple locations can include a map and contact information for the location that is closest to the recipient.
  • Personal statistics can show the recipient how much they’ve saved or spent with your company and offer incentives based on this information.
  • A nonprofit can ask for specific donation levels for each donor based on previous gifts. Mailings can also highlight the impact of certain programs that are important to the donor.
  • If your organization markets to both English- and Spanish-speaking audiences, the language of your mailing can be customized. You can also feature a sales representative who speaks the same language as the recipient.

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