Artificial Intelligence in Direct Mail Marketing

Great creative has always been essential to the success of direct mail marketing. Eye-catching design and imagery that are consistent with your brand, a powerful message with a compelling call-to-action, all delivered in the right format.

Of course, great creative without the right data and insights isn’t enough. If you want to maximize direct mail ROI, you need both. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), direct mail marketing is becoming smarter, more efficient, and more effective.

Here are a few ways AI can help you boost ROI from your direct mail marketing campaigns.


A personalized experience has become a standard expectation for today’s consumer. But personalization is more than using the recipient’s first name in a salutation.

In fact, a study from Marketo found that 78 percent of consumers will only engage with offers that are personalized based on previous interactions with the brand. According to Forrester research, 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that offers personalized services or experiences.

AI software uses data such as demographics, psychographics, context, buying habits, interests and more to help you develop personalized direct mail marketing strategies. Personalized content can then be dynamically and automatically inserted into your direct mail pieces based on individual customer profiles.


With AI, manual tasks can be automated to save you time and money. AI can detect errors and information gaps in your mailing list and CRM system. It can automatically proof your direct mail pieces. It can automatically segment your list and identify cross-selling opportunities. AI can even help ensure your mailings satisfy compliance requirements.

AI can also automatically trigger a campaign. For example, if a customer responds to an email or social media post with a request for a product sample, this could trigger a direct mail delivery.

The more tasks you can intelligently automate, the more seamless and cost-efficient your direct mail campaigns will be.

Predictive Analytics

Based on data tracked from direct mail campaigns and other marketing channels across the entire customer journey, AI can be used to create predictive models that tell you when someone is most likely to buy and what format and offer are most likely to succeed.

AI can also be used for predictive lead scoring, which involves analyzing potential leads and assigning them a score. Essentially, you take what you already know about your customers and apply it to prospects. This allows you to focus your investment on the most qualified leads who are most likely to respond to your direct mail campaign.

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