Examples of when to use direct mail for branding.

Maintaining brand awareness doesn’t just happen—it comes as a result of thought, attention, and constant cultivation. As Hubspot defines it, “Brand awareness represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how well they recognize it.” Unsurprisingly, direct mail is a great marketing channel for brand awareness.

A general brand awareness campaign doesn’t mean you should forget about targeting, though. While the message itself might feel broad and all-encompassing, this doesn’t mean you need to blindly send it to everyone on your list. Rather, work with your mailhouse to groom your list based on a variety of factors that make sense for your business such as location, date of last purchase, age of residents, etc.

While we at DDD believe there’s never a wrong time to send a brand awareness campaign, here are a few occasions we think all businesses should capitalize on:

You’re a new business

When launching an introductory brand awareness campaign, we recommend keeping things simple and straightforward. Think of it like introducing yourself to stranger—you wouldn’t start rattling off every single detail about your life, would you? Instead, you’d likely pick a few choice facts about yourself to provide a summary of what defines you. Treat this campaign the same way; identify a few main value propositions that you think will get customers excited about your business and focus on highlighting those.

You went through a rebrand

Another great time to launch a brand awareness campaign is after you’ve gone through a rebrand. Not only is this a great reason to get into people’s mailboxes, it also ensures customers will re-engage with your brand and hopefully be motivated by the fresh look. Whether it’s a new logo, new color scheme, or all of the above, direct mail is a great way to showcase these changes. (Odds are your print collateral will likely need a refresh too—DDD can help you with that!)

It’s been a while since your last campaign

A common mistake we see businesses make is assuming that once a brand awareness campaign is completed, their job is done. Not even close! Brand awareness is not a set-it-and-forget-it job. Rather, it needs to be cultivated and tended to over time, tweaking the message and demographic as you and your market grow. If it’s been a long time since your last brand awareness direct mail campaign, it might be time to start considering another one, since staying top of mind is essential when it comes to winning recurring business. Preferably, you’ll have some sort of brand awareness running at any given time during the year, even if the channel varies, to create a seamless and multi-touchpoint experience.

Don’t forget…

If you’re really on top of your game, you’ll make sure this brand awareness campaign is complementing your other marketing efforts. New business? Send out a coupon or offer. Rebrand? Direct readers to your refreshed social sites. Whatever your cause, multi-touch efforts always produce stronger results in the end.

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