Landing PageLanding pages are your online lead generation hubs. Draw potential customers to these specific pages on your website by offering them something of value in exchange for some of their basic personal information (like name, email, or occupation). If you make a landing page a positive point of contact, your prospect will leave with a taste of what you’re about; and you’ll receive information for communication with him or her at a subsequent time.

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Every business can use landing pages to capture leads. Here are a few basics to get you started:

Keep it Above the Fold

You want this experience to be easy — so easy that you’re not even going to make your visitor scroll. Keep it all above the fold. You only need a few key elements on this page: a great headline, a simple form, a bold call to action, and basic and happy looking graphics.

Limit their ability to navigate away from the page and keep it clutter free. They’re here for one thing, so give them one option.

Short & Sweet Form

Picture it: you’re checking out at a retail store knowing that you only have a few minutes left on your meter when suddenly the clerk asks, “Can I just get your zip code, please?” “What does my place of residence have to do with these new chinos?” you’re thinking.

In our current age of privacy settings and spam, customers are giving up as little information as possible. Understandably so! That being said, respectfully ask only for what you need.

Clear CTA

Your offer button should be very visible, a saturated color with contrasting colored text. That text should reflect action. Use a verb — download, join, start…. Whatever it is, make sure your call to action (CTA) stands out so your potential lead doesn’t get sidetracked.

Give Back

Great! You’ve got your lead; now it’s time to give them what they came for: a gift. This item could be anything from an e-book or a coupon to a newsletter subscription or contest entry. Choose whatever gift you like best as long as it is something of value to the visitor, and that is in alignment with your end goal. Relevance is key.

Let Them Share It

Everyone wants to be in the know and the first in their circle to know it (before it gets too trendy). Leverage the power of social media and encourage your visitor to spread the word via Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. They’ll be the cool kid on the block by telling their friends about the webinar they just registered for or limited time coupon they just downloaded.

Brownie Points…

…Go to those who also ensure their landing page is mobile friendly, and whose form submission is followed with a thank you page.

WOW your target market with a stellar landing page.

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