Digital printers can now more closely reproduce Pantone colors

Pantone took a big step forward with its newest color bridge guide by making it more achievable for commercial digital printers to closely match more of the colors in their library. This set of swatches previously called the Color Process Guide shows the formulas for converting solid PMS colors to CMYK, sRGB, and HTML. Historically, matching these spot colors through 4 color printing has been tricky. Even with the formulas provided by Pantone and strong process control, matching spot colors in process was a challenge. With continuous improvement and embracing industry standards for calibrating color appearance Pantone has finally “bridged” the gap.

Pantone moved away from its internal color mixing system and turned to the G7® calibration methodology that is used by printers worldwide. This change caused a shift in the PMS color values in their newest color books, but they are now more reliable indicators of what can be reproduced by commercial digital printers.

Pantone’s move is welcomed by the industry for its accuracy and repeatability. 4-color printing in general has grown tremendously with the advent of digital printing. Digital printing’s speed and relative low cost has brought affordable color to the marketplace. Digital workflows have also allowed for much tighter control over process and can produce more consistent results. Prior to the 1990’s, 4-color printing was more of an art that a science. The technology has continually improved to where a commercial printer can now reproduce 94% of colors in CMYK.

Digital Dog Direct has been an approved Master G7® printer since 2014. Using these industry best practices benefits our clients who get high quality print materials quickly and consistently every time.