Commonly Made Mistakes in Direct MailUnfortunately, there are many ways that a direct mail campaign can miss the mark. Some mistakes are so simple or straightforward they’re easy to overlook. Check yourself against our checklist: 

Basic contact info is missing

Do you have a place of business? A phone? A website? An email account? Then be sure to include your address, phone number, URL, and email address on your direct mail pieces. (Believe it or not, we have seen “Call us” on pieces that don’t include a phone number.) Not offering this basic information is more than a missed opportunity; it can make your business look sketchy.

There’s no clear “Call-to-action”

Direct mail should be direct. And clear. Be explicit about what you want readers to do. Include a straightforward call-to-action (CTA). Something like this, for example:

  • Call us today at 234-567-8900 to start your free trial.
  • Go to now to claim your discount.
  • Bring this mailer to our store on Sat., Nov. 10th, between 9 and 5 to get your free gift.

Make sure your CTA stands out from your other copy, too. And, don’t be afraid to include it on the piece more than once.

It’s not sufficiently branded

When your beautifully written, cleverly designed piece gets into your prospects’ hands, you want to be sure the prospects know who it’s from. Don’t neglect to showcase your brand colors, your logo, your tagline, etc. You’ve invested a lot in building out your brand identity. Don’t neglect to leverage it in direct mail.

It’s not designed to withstand the mail

When your beautifully written, cleverly designed piece gets into your prospects’ hands, will it be dog-eared and defaced? It might be if you haven’t carefully considered how the mailing process will affect it. Choose paper, packaging, printing processes, colors and coatings for durability as well as beauty. 

Make sure your direct mail campaign looks great and delivers for you. Consult with us and unleash the power of Digital Dog Direct.