Eyecatching Trade Show BoothGearing up for your next industry convention? Representing your team or brand on the tradeshow floor with a booth setup?

Make sure your booth includes these 4 elements to better your chances of being seen—and remembered.

Graphics that POP

The tradeshow floor is a giant sea of brands, products, and services looking to connect with the consumer just like you. To break through the noise, your tradeshow booth needs to have graphics that a passerby will notice even out of their peripheral view.

How do you do that? Balance simplicity with boldness. The juxtaposition of a clean, simple image against the sea of noisy messaging will stand out. Make sure it is bold too! You want your brand to make a statement right off the bat, as first impressions mean everything.

Most importantly, make sure your logo and brand name shine.

Varied Visuals

A one-note marketing strategy rarely appeals to the masses. What looks attractive to one person might not entice another. Vary the types of visuals in your booth area and you’ll increase your chances of alluring a larger crowd.

For large printed elements use backdrops, podiums, kiosks, table throws, and cutouts. Mix in other textures and features with carpeting or special flooring, plants or natural pieces, and good lighting.

Remember, simple and bold are the most important keywords to keep in mind. Don’t let your booth get too cluttered.

Engaging Activity

Once your fantastic design has captured the attention of your consumer, you’ll want to draw them in by giving them more information about what you can offer them. Engagement is key because it allows the consumer to test drive your product or sample your service. Here are some examples of how to engage a prospect:

  • Video
  • Tablets or laptops
  • Product demonstrations or samples
  • Games or contests
  • Good old fashioned conversation
  • Sitting area

People don’t always remember what they glance at, but they do remember what they engage with. Take this opportunity to have them interact with your brand to establish a lasting memory.

The Right Collateral

Alas, your consumer must leave your booth and travel on. Don’t let them leave without a parting gift. Be sure to be prepared with stunning business cards, brochures, presentation folders, booklets, sell sheets, and other collateral that will best inform your prospect after they leave your booth.

Go above and beyond by giving them something more, like a koozie, t-shirt, bags or totes…these items can go a long way because they’ll become walking advertisements on the floor. If your promotional product freebie ties into your brand, even better.

Tip: include a special landing page URL (or a PURL) with an offer on your handouts or business cards to track your leads and follow-up after the event ends.

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