Direct Mail Data List CleansingYes we did and we cannot emphasize that enough. You can have perfect timing and brilliant creative, but dirty data can be the culprit behind poor results.

At Digital Dog Direct we make sure that won’t happen with the best data cleansing practices in the business. Our standard procedures include NCOA (National Change of Address) processing and USPS address verification. We can take things a step further by removing identical records from your file through a process called de-duping. We can even remove records that may appear different, but are actually going to the same person or household (for example, we can prevent a retailer from mailing two copies of the same catalog to two different names at the same residential address). Plus, we can identify and remove records for deceased individuals as part of our sophisticated merge/purge processes. You can also depend on us to identify and secure the best lists suited for your target audience, whether you’re looking to mail to specific geographic areas, businesses within certain industries, or households with specific interests or income levels.

You can save a lot of money by eliminating misdirected mail and with proper sorting of your database to maximize postage savings. Only a skilled data cleansing services company can truly optimize your target database to maximize ROI. You can count on Digital Dog Direct to help you nix any misdirected records and ensure deliverability to those on your list who you really want to reach.

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