DDD specializes in direct mail invitations.

When it came to helping Villa Joseph Marie High School put together a multi-piece invitation to their Annual Spring Auction, we knew that the invitation would have to generate excitement immediately. This year’s auction theme is The Beautiful Life: La Bella Vita, so, naturally, we made sure to create a beautiful piece that fit with the event’s overall tone.

After scheduling a consultation, we met with the client to go over the project details. Specifically, we wanted to know more about the event so we could determine what we needed to do to make sure the invitation delivered the right message. Upon establishing the overall vision the client had in mind, we were able to show several material samples, so that they could get a sense of what their finished product would look and feel like. Once their graphic design team finalized the design of the components, DDD went to work on making the design into a tangible printed invitation.

The full invitation contained an invitation card, a vellum menu teaser, an RSVP card, a pre-labeled return envelope, and four raffle tickets. With so many pieces to account for, the materials for each piece were selected strategically, ensuring that the overall size and weight of the piece would be conducive (and cost-effective!) to send in the mail.

Because the invitation was calling attention to the school’s most important fundraising event of the spring, even the subtlest of details needed to convey a sense of importance. For example, we made sure that the five pieces were nested together in a way that was both attractive and functional. Nesting, which refers to strategically fitting pieces within or amongst each other, is essential to consider when it comes to a piece’s overall presentation and functionality. By carefully nesting all of the pieces by hand, we made it so that the whole invitation could come out in one smooth motion (with no stray raffle tickets left unnoticed in the envelope). Similarly, we also made a point to consider where to put the mailing barcode so that it wouldn’t interfere with the address block. By moving it to the bottom of the front of the envelope as opposed to the top, the scripted font and dazzling color remained the first thing that people noticed.

When it was time to send the invitations in the mail, DDD was in charge of addressing each piece and affixing a 1st Class Presorted Stamp to each envelope. From there, we sorted the tray and delivered it to the Post Office where it would then be sent to the VJM students and alumnae that were invited.

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