Digital Dog Direct recently added a new tool to our arsenal of digital printing equipment: the Xante Impressia with Enterprise Feeder. This digital printer is perfect for daily and weekly kits and programs, as the creative can be tweaked on the fly from run to run. This feature in turn saves you money (because you don’t need to run large quantities) and eliminates the production of waste.

What sets this printer apart from the rest is its variable data capabilities. It is perfect for testing the response rate of different kits: test variable data, images, and more—the possibilities are limitless.

Other key points include:

  • Prints over 4,000 #10 envelopes per hour
  • Can even print window envelopes using specialized stock
  • Spot color matching
  • High resolution (up to 2400 DPI)
  • Prints on variety of stocks: uncoated, coated, NCR, card stocks, textured stocks, label stocks, and envelopes
  • Printing on envelopes is 100% waterproof, and won’t run or smear like ink
  • Sizes all the way down to A2 envelopes

For more information about the Xante Impressia Print System, visit the Xante website here.