Digital Dog Direct Holiday CardWe are very excited to announce that Digital Dog Direct’s holiday card from this past winter has received an Honorable Mention from USPS’ first ever Irresistible Mail AwardTM competition!

The contest, which will now recur on an annual basis, was created in order to celebrate the many unique and exciting developments occurring within the direct mail marketing industry. Every day, printers, marketers, and creative agencies around the country are discovering new ways to utilize mail marketing and this contest acts as an opportunity to showcase the latest and greatest innovations.

When creating our holiday card, we wanted to send our customers something that they could interact with and enjoy. We landed on the idea of a paper fortune-teller that people could assemble and use to playfully glean wisdom for the year ahead. Aptly named “Pearls of Wisdom”, our paper fortune-tellers offered playful, tongue-in-cheek advice, such as “Anything is possible if you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

This light-hearted tone also sincerely wished our customers a happy and healthy new year. Based on the feedback we got from some of our clients, the card was well-received and brought smiles to many people’s faces.

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