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Well-Crafted Direct Mail Is Key To Sales

Marketers that incorporate direct mail into the media mix achieve a higher return on investment and greater success with their campaigns. This comes as no surprise because unlike email inboxes, postal mailboxes are not nearly as full allowing you to make a big impact.

By placing your marketing information directly into the hands of your prospect, you create a more intimate touch point with that person. A mail piece can be more thought-provoking than a banner ad or email. Since personalization typically generates triple the response rates of non-personalized mail, relevant direct mail can play a vital role in the success of your marketing plan.

Image by Rinck Content Studio

With variable-data print technology at your fingertips here at Digital Dog Direct, we can help you create eye-catching mailers that are personalized for each recipient. Names can be printed big and bold. Images and copy can be customized based on information like gender, age, and past transactions. Coupons can even vary depending on consumer demographics and purchase history. Today, it’s all about being relevant to your customers. Now, it’s possible to send each prospect a mail piece that speaks to his or her specific need.

Is timing of the upmost importance to you? Need something personal delivered in a specific window of opportunity? Then you may benefit from Direct Mail Trigger Campaigns.

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