Nobody likes getting sick; that’s a fact. But something that most people do like is having a trusted doctor’s office or healthcare facility they can turn to in the event that they are sick. This is an important fact to acknowledge, especially from a marketing perspective: People actively want to find a healthcare organization just like yours—it’s up to you to be there once they start looking. 

One of the best ways to get on potential patients’ and existing patients’ radars is by contacting them through direct mail. We know that direct mail continues to be an effective marketing channel, even with millennials, so it’s certainly something doctor’s offices everywhere should be tapping into when it comes to developing their marketing strategy. Here are some specific ways in which direct mail can make an impact for healthcare businesses:

Direct mail is a great way to acquire new patients

One of the most important ingredients when it comes to acquiring new patients is generating general awareness; someone won’t think of you next time they’re sick or in need of a treatment if they don’t even know your business exists in the first place. By strategically targeting new audiences—such as sending an introductory mailer to zip-code-based mailing lists around your area—you can make sure that word of your business is getting out there. Plus, by using direct mail as one of the multiple touchpoints in your marketing strategy, you can ensure other marketing channels will be even more effective, because you’ll already be top of mind.

Seasonality poses a huge marketing advantage

For doctor’s offices and other healthcare institutions, business is often subject to seasonality. For example, pediatrician offices tend to be busier during the winter months, because that’s during cold and flu season. With this inherent seasonality comes a great opportunity for strategic marketing; by targeting patients before or during a time they’ll likely be seeking out services you offer, you can make sure you’re top of mind by the time they need to make a decision.

Don’t underestimate the power of delight

The reality is, most people don’t associate visiting the doctor’s office with happy memories. In fact, many people dread going to the doctor. One of the major ways your practice can combat this is by giving patients an opportunity to associate your business with positive feelings. One of the best (and easiest!) ways to connect with patients when they’re not in your office is to reach them at home via direct mail. But beyond simply staying in touch, direct mail gives your business the chance to delight. Whether it’s sending your patients friendly appointment reminders, general practice updates, a thank you note after their visit, or helpful tip sheets, there are so many ways you could engage a patient through direct mail.