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G7 Master Qualification

Digital Dog Direct has been recognized by IDEAlliance, the trade association of print and electronic media providers, for our high standards of printing excellence. Our G7 Master Qualification distinguishes Digital Dog Direct as a printing company that produces color printing of the best quality and that achieves international color-consistency standards for print media.


For our clients, this means that we can keep your colors consistent across all of your printed material—even with very small quantities. Your brand is safe with us, and with Digital Dog Direct you can be more confident that it will look the way it should no matter what media type you select for printing.

Man Using Computer Printer

You do not need to do anything special with your artwork or files to take advantage of our G7 capabilities. G7 Master Qualification has to do with the color-printing process itself, the expertise of the provider, and the outstanding results you can expect with your final product. It is a recognition of excellence: a printer with a G7 Master Qualification knows and follows a state-of-the-art method for calibration of printing presses and proofing systems. In short, at Digital Dog Direct, you can have color consistency and accuracy on various stocks, from different presses, and from press run to press run.

Our G7 Master Qualification further bolsters our position as a leader in the printing industry. We possess the knowledge and skill needed to bring best-in-class printing to our customers. When you work with Digital Dog Direct, you can be confident that your printing project will look its best and accurately reflect the brand you worked so hard to build.

G7 stands for gray, the G part, and 7 for the 4 inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) that are used in printing and the resulting 3 overprint colors (red, green, and blue).

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