Handwritten ProspectingFeel like your emails are getting skimmed over or worse, tossed into the junk folder? If you’re not seeing the open or response rates you expect, it may be time to change things up.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets old school.

It’s easy to select multiple emails and trash them in one fell swoop—without even reading the subject line. What’s not easy is resisting a handwritten letter. We’re talking about a paper envelope with an ink-written message inside. People spend more time with their handwritten mail because a level of personalization is guaranteed.

Tap into this old school communication method by sending irresistible nostalgic vibes into the readers’ minds and hearts, capturing their attention and, hopefully, a lead. To do so, choose 3 things carefully:

1. Your message

Why are you writing to your client or prospect? You may want to invite former clients to revisit your services, ask current clients to refer a friend, or thank a new patron for their business. If you’re mailing more letters than you have time for, decide on one or two pieces to personalize such as their name, a personal statement at the end, and your signature.

2. The receiver

The process of handwriting undoubtedly consumes more time than typing and printing a generic letter—so focus on your warm leads or those you have a good reason to contact. Besides, even if they aren’t ready for your services at that time, they may be in the future. Plus, everyone knows someone who is in the market for your services and a handwritten note is just special enough for them to spread the word about you and your business.

3. A good pen!

Be aware of what paper you are using and the surface you are writing on. Choose a pen that works well on the letter’s coating or finish (i.e. no running and no streaking or skipping). Also, make sure the ink complements the paper but also stands out. You want your message to look friendly, but also professional and noticeable.

As with any marketing efforts, an integrated approach is always the most effective. Don’t let letter writing completely replace your time spent on maintaining a good website, consistent and relevant e-newsletters, or friendly social media interaction.

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