Build credibility by using testimonials in your marketing.When it comes to seeking recommendations or trying something new, our gut reaction as human beings is to solicit opinions from people we know and trust. No matter how big or small the topic, people find great comfort in hearing reviews directly from others who’ve already experienced whatever it is they’re considering. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, finding a new doctor, or deciding where to buy a particular product or service, testimonials can be extremely persuasive during the decision-making process.

From a marketing perspective, testimonials can be just as valuable to businesses as they are to consumers—by including the feedback and opinions of past customers, new customers are offered direct insight into what can expect from your business.

Testimonial marketing is similar to word-of-mouth marketing in that it relies on the opinions and perceptions of your customers to generate positive buzz about your business—and when done well, it can be just as effective.

Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you decide to include customer testimonials in your direct mail send. 

Include Testimonials that Appeal to the Audience You’re Targeting

In your direct mail send, include reviews that feel relatable to the audience you’re targeting. In other words, make sure you include reviews that are most relevant to the specific service or product you’re highlighting. If you’re choosing to include reviews that speak to your business in general, then make sure you’re selecting ones that are original and eye-catching, but also successfully capture the main points you’re trying to highlight. For example, if you know that exceptional customer service is one of the things your business does best, then selecting a testimonial that illustrates that would make sense to include front and center.

Use Testimonials to Cross-promote Your Other Marketing Channels

A major advantage of adding testimonials to your direct mail send is that it presents an opportunity to showcase your other marketing channels, such social media sites and review-based sites such as Yelp. By including something like, “For more reviews, make sure to check us out on Yelp!” or “To hear more about why our customers love us, check out the reviews on our Facebook page!” within your direct mail send, it not only gives your target customer actionable next steps, it also helps reiterate your credibility by alluding to even more positive reviews that live online.

Testimonials Do the Talking for You

Perhaps the greatest benefit of including testimonials in your direct mail send is that customers get to do all the talking for you. Instead of coming up with enticing copy to describe why your business is a cut above the rest, testimonials do exactly that, all while feeling authentic and relatable. Besides, who knows how to showcase what your business’s greatest strengths better than a happy customer who took the time to write a review?

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