Landing Pages and Microsites

Landing Pages  & PURLs

We often see clients focusing on generating online interaction to drive lead conversions. This is done in a variety of offline ways, by simply asking their audience to visit their website through a direct mail piece, print ad, or email message.

Sometimes, the goal is to have them visit your website’s homepage. But when your visitors arrive, what they see may not be tailored exactly to their needs or incentivize them to take action. By developing custom landing pages and Personalized URLs (PURLs), marketers can connect on a more personal level with their audiences. Your visitors will appreciate the fact that you were expecting to see them personally.

Social Media

We offer social media packages for beginners looking for profile setups to advanced users ready for a lead-generating campaign. See our Kickstart, Monitoring and Management packages here:

Social Management Packages

Gain Exposure through a Content Mix that Adapts to the Ever-Changing Social Ecosystem:

  • Social Site Marketing
  • Blog Planning and Writing
  • Content Generation
  • Interview/Presentation Coaching
  • Media Outreach and Follow Up
  • News Releases, Articles, and Press Kits
  • Public Relations and Content Distribution Plans
  • Social Media Plans
  • Story Development and Placement Strategy

The ultimate measure of an effective PR and social strategy is increased traffic, higher sales, and the development of a steady stream of brand champions.