changes-sign(3)As of January 5, 2013 the USPS has implemented revised standards for sealing folded automation letter-size self-mailers. A comprehensive understanding of the new regulations is highly recommended before designing your next self-mailer to avoid any design issues or increased postage costs. Some of the changes as mentioned in the DMM (Domestic Mail Manual) are listed below:

  • The final fold must be on the bottom. For oblong pieces, the final fold is on the leading edge.
  • When tabs are used as the sealing method, a minimum of two are required. Tabs cannot be placed on the bottom edge of oblong pieces.
  • When using glue as a sealing method, 3 spots of glue will be required on pieces under 1 ounce and 4 spots on pieces over 1 ounce.

For more information contact your Digital Dog Direct Customer Service Representative or visit the USPS website at: has also posted a video on YouTube that provides an overview of the revised standards for automation USPS folded self-mailers.