There are a number of ways to bind books and booklets. Choosing the best solution for your need depends on the look you’re trying to achieve as well as the purpose of the book itself. Saddle-stitching and spiral bound books are often used in marketing presentations and also as marketing collateral. Perfect binding is also used for marketing purposes as well as publishing, making it a great choice for a variety of needs.

Perfect Bound Book Printing

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about perfect binding:

What is perfect binding?

Perfect binding refers to the clean look achieved by the perfect bound process. The soft cover, usually a heavy paper or cardstock, and all of the internal pages are glued together along the spine of the book. Because of this process, perfect binding is sometimes referred to as adhesive binding.

What benefits does perfect binding have?

Perfect bound books have the sleekest look out of all of the binding options. Therefore, perfect binding is often used for a professional appearance. Because the pages are glued together, as opposed to stapled or wired, a rectangular edge and panel is formed along the spine of the book. This offers extra “real estate” on which to print the content’s description, author’s name, and so on.

What are some examples of perfect binding?

Many soft cover books you see in bookstores, telephone books, and catalogs are perfect bound. 40% of all national magazines are perfect bound.

Other examples include manuals, reports, newsletters, presentations, proposals, booklets, and guides.

How are perfect bound books transported and shipped?

If you are not picking up your book order, your books will need to be shipped to their destination. Due to their soft covers, some prefer to shrink-wrap their perfect bound books before transport to avoid any possible damage. Shrink-wrapping protects the books and also prevents them from harmful movement during transportation.

Books can also be mailed directly to the consumer, which is a frequently opted for solution. Perfect bound books that are used for promotional purposes can also be delivered directly to patrons through USPS direct mail services. Please speak with a customer service representative for details on such a project.

Perfect binding is a great solution for a large range of booklet needs. Ready to get a quote on your next project?

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