When you look at your business’ printed materials, how do you feel? Do you feel proud of how they look? Do you feel satisfied with the way they highlight your offerings? If so, that’s great! If not, it might be time to make some changes to your suite of printed materials.

Here are some signs that it’s time for a printed marketing material refresh:

Your Services Have Changed

Perhaps the most obvious reason you should consider updating your company’s printed material is that your offerings have changed. Because many customers rely on printed materials to learn more about a product or service as it relates to future buying decisions, it’s extremely important that they receive the most up-to-date information.

You’re Using Old Branding

Outdated literature can reflect poorly on your company by causing customers to wonder if your business is either a) too lazy to bother updating it, or b) unable to afford a refresh. Furthermore, your print materials should look aligned with your other marketing efforts; it will feel confusing to customers if your website features one logo while the packet of information they picked up from your office features another.

The Collateral Looks Shopworn

If your collateral was printed a few years ago and is showing its age, your customers will notice. No one wants what appears to be a pre-used pamphlet or a brochure that’s been carelessly tossed around in storage. Keep an eye on physical changes in your materials beyond dents and scrapes, too. For example, if you have brochures sitting next to a window, it’s possible the colors are being faded by the sun. If you have a box of brochures in the basement, they may start smelling musty over time.

The Photos Are Outdated

Simply put, if your collateral features outdated photos, it’s time for a refresh. Whether it’s stock photos from the early 2000s that now feel off-brand, or photos of employees who have left your company, it’s time to invest in professional photography and/or fresh stock. Updating imagery is one of the simplest ways to immediately revive an old piece.

Your Online Presence Isn’t Mentioned

You should definitely invest in new print collateral if the existing doesn’t properly showcase your online presence. Print and digital marketing strategy should work in tandem, consistently referring the reader from one platform to another in order to create multiple touchpoints and experiences. Whether it’s telling customers to “Check out our reviews on Yelp!” or encouraging them to “Follow along on Instagram!”, your printed collateral should help enhance other marketing channels.

Is it time your printed material got a refresh? Contact us for a quote today!