Ewing, NJ (April 1, 2014) — Digital Dog Direct, a direct marketing service provider, announced it has expanded its printing solutions by adding large-format capabilities and high-speed full-color services. In addition, the company reported that IDEAlliance, the trade association of print and electronic media providers, has recognized Digital Dog Direct with a G7 Master Qualification for its high standards of printing excellence.

“Our G7 Master Qualification further bolsters our position as a leader in the printing industry,” said Ken Maisel, President at Digital Dog Direct. “By adding high-speed full-color services and large-format capabilities to our printing solutions, we have all the resources needed to continue to be a quality-driven, single-source provider for printing, mailing and direct marketing.”

Digital Dog Direct uses the latest large-format printing technology to offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications on all types of paper, fabric, and vinyl stock. Outdoor banners are weather resistant and colorfast. The large-format printers use water-based latex ink that dries immediately—ideal for pressing time frames and urgent deadlines.

The company recently purchased a Riso ComColor high-speed full-color inkjet printer: a state-of-the-art printer with a capacity for quick turnaround, the facility to handle a variety of papers, and the ability to provide a safeguard from ink bleeding. This allows Digital Dog Direct to handle broader applications and streamline production with stunning results at cost-effective prices.

The G7 Master Qualification distinguishes Digital Dog Direct as a printing company that produces color printing of the best quality and one that achieves international color-consistency standards for print media. The G7 Master Qualification is a recognition of excellence: a printer with a G7 Master Qualification knows and follows a specific method for calibration of printing presses and proofing systems providing color consistency and accuracy on various stocks, from different presses, and from press run to press run. Customers will have consistent colors across all of their printed material—even with very small quantities.

For more information contact Lisa Edelstein, Sales and Marketing Director at (609) 882-3444 or by email at info[at]digitaldogdirect.com.

About Digital Dog Direct

Digital Dog Direct is a leading on-demand direct marketing solutions provider specializing in personalized direct mail, variable-data digital printing, and multichannel marketing. Based in Central New Jersey, the company saves marketers money on postage, printing, and mail waste through smart database processing, address correction, and pre-sort programs. Its variable-data digital printing capabilities allow direct mail marketers to customize messaging and imaging that “speaks” to each individual. Additionally, Digital Dog Direct provides expert creative and list acquisition consultation to maximize ROI. For additional information, visit http://www.digitaldogdirect.com.