A Newsletter in the Hand is Worth Two Posts on the Web

Blogs, email messages, and social media posts seem to come and go so quickly online that it’s hard to make a lasting impression. But the staying-power of print is undeniable. The oft-overlooked, printed, folded, personally-addressed, and mailed company newsletter can have meaningful impact for your message and brand when placed into the right hands.

How does the printed newsletter differentiate itself from other marketing tactics?

1) It Conveys an Air of Authenticity & Authority

Newsletters give readers the inside scoop of what’s happening at your company and in your industry. They allow you to position yourself as a leader in the field and give authority to your voice. But unlike a social media share or e-newsletter, a printed newsletter immediately demonstrates a higher level of commitment to and confidence in your message. A print publication conveys legitimacy.

2) It’s a Specialty Magazine for a Niche Community

Clients, prospects, vendors, and employees all share a connection to your company. Support the connection by including them all in your mailing list to further nurture your relationship and reinforce the feeling of being a part of a special community. Put the members of your community first by featuring employee accomplishments and members who excel in their area of expertise. Accompanied by photographs, articles put faces behind the names, which people both inside and outside the company like to see.

3) It’s Journalism, Not Advertising

Every article is a news item. Each piece should adhere to the basics of reporting — Who? What? Where? When? Why? It’s need-to-know news intended for a community of readers affiliated with and employed by the organization. When written properly, newsletters convey useful, interesting, and pleasurable information that leads readers to say, “Good to know!”

Regarding content, you always have to include something newsworthy:

  • A featured success story
  • Human interest stories
  • New client profiles
  • New products & services
  • Useful tips
  • Awards
  • Employee news
  • An employee spotlight
  • Charitable corporate activities
  • Calendar of events
  • Client testimonials
  • Guest author article

In terms of production, start quarterly with a simple format:

  • 11” x 17” sheet that folds down twice to a 4-page 5.5” x 8.5” newsletter
  • Specify non-coated white stock for ease of readability
  • Place the lead story on the inside top under the newsletter header
  • Layout smaller stories inside
  • Use the back panel for postage, addressing, and a table of contents
  • Wafer seal, presort, and mail

You’d be surprised at the reaction you get without even stating a call-to-action. Customers call to congratulate featured employees, inquire about new services, and even join in support of the causes your company participates in. Many send bylined authors email requests or more information. In this way, you retain your subscribers (customers) with company news, which does, in fact, make that newsletter a revenue generator.