Digitally printed unique b2b holiday card.Digital Dog Direct loves any opportunity to thank its clients for their partnership and business. Our annual holiday card is one way we enjoy expressing our gratitude creatively, in a way that makes our clients feel special.

This year, Digital Dog aimed to gift our clients and friends with a custom present. The square shaped card and simple design element on the envelope immediately tell the recipient that this is a special package. The iron cross folded card held a small gift inside (8 custom designed stickers), creating the feeling of unwrapping a present.

DDD’s work on this card went way beyond the printing of the card and envelope, including a lot of handwork. Because the custom stickers were provided on a roll, we cut the stickers for each individual card. We then placed each set of stickers into a clear bag and sealed it. Each bag was glue-dotted in the center of the card to safely secure them in place.

Finally, the cards were hand-folded and hand-inserted before being hand-sealed with its own custom sticker.

The result was a very unique and special experience packaged with care for the recipient. Want to experience it yourself? Request a sample or watch this video!