rcoin-all-piecesDigital Dog Direct recently printed a nationwide mailer campaign for the luxury Italian jewelry brand Roberto Coin. The campaign featured three different mailer designs, all of which included personalized messages from jewelry stores that wanted to personally invite their patrons to a trunk show featuring Roberto Coin’s latest collection.

All three mailers featured an elegant gold color scheme and sophisticated, branded photography, but they all had slightly different layouts. One mailer featured an open-gate fold, secured by a gold embossed sticker, which opened up to a delicate sheet of vellum with the personalized message. Another design featured a vellum sheet with the written information laid over top of a coated postcard, secured by tucking the corners into slits near the corners. And the final design was a postcard mailer that had one side coated and the other side uncoated, which allowed jewelers to handwrite personalized messages to the customers they were sending them to.

Because the mailer campaign was advertising a dated event, the project timeline called for a quick turnaround so that the jewelry stores would have time to send the mailers themselves. Digital Dog Direct rose to the challenge to complete the project, delivering a beautiful printed piece in a timely manner.

Roberto Coin is one of the many retail brands that Digital Dog Direct works with regularly. When it comes to advertising luxury retail brands, print campaigns remain highly effective, even as digital marketing is becoming more relevant in the world of retail. In fact, according to a study by ad-sales intelligence firm MediaRadar, “…fashion brands are now spending more on advertising overall, by ramping up digital without sacrificing print spending” (Digiday).