Reminder postcards boost ROI by generating additional responses at low costs of postage and printing.The reminder postcard is a low-cost, high-return investment in your direct marketing lineup. Think of it as an RBI to your campaign: a follow up that drives the sale home.

All types of service businesses send out reminder postcards where appointments are necessary. Dentists, auto mechanics, veterinarians, and home service providers: they all mail postcards that motivate customers to make their next appointments. They’re inexpensive and they simply just work.   

We believe that all direct marketers can take a page from the service marketing book and mail reminder postcards too. Think about it…

You designed the perfect direct mail package. Wrote a strong sales letter. Crafted a compelling brochure. Provided clear response mechanisms. And packaged it all in an eye-catching envelope. Responses came in and chances are you scored a positive ROI for the campaign.

Would you like to know how to drive up the score? Two words: Reminder Postcards.

From fundraising appeals to financial planning dinner invitations, these little reminders can cost-effectively juice the response. You only have to pay the lowest possible postcard rate and print small 4.25” x 6” cards, which is very affordable no matter what quantity.

They are a great way to afford additional advertising impressions at low cost, which leads to higher levels of response. To make a good impression, we recommend printing the recipient’s name in a big, bold headline on the front of the card with more information on the back.

These creative tips will make sure your reminder gets noticed:

  • Keep it Simple — Typeset a personalized “Friendly Reminder” on a white background.
  • Go Formal — Print a sophisticated gold serif font on a black matte finish.
  • Big RSVP — If you are hosting an event, grab attention with a large “RSVP Now.”
  • Give it a Post-it Note Look — Use a handwriting font on a yellow sticky note graphic.
  • Be Bright — Specify high visibility inks — pink, green, orange — to make the smaller card jump out from the day’s batch of larger mail items.

We usually suggest waiting two weeks after your first mailing to drop the reminders in the mail, which is enough time for the majority of your responses to roll in. Then be sure to suppress those who already responded and send them a “Thank You” version of the card.

Your first direct mail package may get on base (create interest) that sets up the reminder postcard to hit an RBI that drives it on home.

This post was originally published on November 15, 2016 and updated on May 18, 2018.