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Return Mail Processing

Return mail processing is a key service we offer to manage and handle mail sent back by customers. This service ensures that all returned items, such as payments or orders, are efficiently sorted and processed. Our advanced system and specialized tools streamline this process, allowing for quick and accurate handling of various types of return mail.


We focus on ensuring that each item is properly categorized and directed to the appropriate department, reducing delays and enhancing overall efficiency. By utilizing our return mail services, customers can enjoy a hassle-free experience with timely updates for their returned items.

You might prefer to include payment with a business reply card or space advertisement order, enclosing both the card and their check in an envelope. Processing this type of "white mail" generally takes two to three times longer than handling reply envelope mail.


The range of various envelope sizes slows down machine opening, and the assorted enclosed items must be sorted based on the specific processing needed.

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