A holistic marketing strategy can help keep a medical practice’s appointment calendar fully-booked; digital channels play an important role in a practice’s online presence while direct mail adds the personal touch that patients appreciate in their healthcare providers.

A smart mix of email and direct mail can bring in new patients, remind current ones to schedule a visit, and prompt others to come back in who may have otherwise not returned.

5 Types of Direct Mail that Can Positively Impact a Medical Practice

  1. Every Door Direct Mail — This USPS postage discount program allows mailers to map and mail a local audience by age, income, and household size. It’s an affordable way to send postcards and newsletters to residents in your area that can build and maintain awareness of your practice and full scope of services.
  2. Follow-Up Survey — Nothing shows a commitment to customer service like asking your patients for feedback on how you’re doing. A simple survey accomplishes two very important things that build customer retention: It shows you really care and it provides valuable input that you can act on right away to better serve your patients. Include a business reply envelope or a link to complete the survey online.
  3. “Miss You” Card — Send personalized cards to lapsed patients that say you miss them. Address recipients by name, notifying them of their last visit, and suggest that it is time for them to come in again.
  4. Buckslip with Billing Statements — Because you are already paying to drop an envelope in the mail, why not include a buckslip? This is an inexpensive dollar-sized piece of paper that can impart information about news, healthcare, or services to your patients. While you have their attention, promote relevant services or offerings.
  5. Birthday Card — Saying “Happy Birthday” is an impressive way to demonstrate that you run a personable practice and a subtle way to invite patients to schedule an appointment. Nice gestures also go a long way when it comes to prompting future referrals.

Creatively, we recommend the use of original photography. Healthcare marketing materials are chock full of obvious stock photos that give a phony impression. Direct mail provides an opportunity to showcase your practice, team, and in some cases, even satisfied patients for testimonials. Using real pictures will lend an air of credibility to your messaging.

Take advantage of variable data technology to print patients’ names on all of your direct mail components. Incorporate other data points like types of services and the date of their last visit to add relevance. Finally, be sure to direct patients to call or go online to schedule an appointment and you will soon be seeing more patients more often.