How Print Increases Engagement

Think about how you interact with print content and online content. The experience of holding content in your hand is very different from viewing content on a mobile or desktop device. More specifically, the level of engagement — physical, mental, and emotional — tends to be far higher with print. More engagement leads to better ROI, which is a major reason why organizations continue to invest in direct mail marketing.

Stimulating Multiple Senses

Right out of the gates, more senses are involved with print because you’re physically holding the content. You can feel the paper. You may notice the thickness and finish. Direct mail even allows you to incorporate mixed and virtual reality, audio, video, and scents to enhance the sensory experience.

When multiple senses are stimulated, you tend to be more focused. Print content reading tends to be deeper and more deliberate than online, which is more about quick. You spend more time with print content than online content. Of course, it helps that you don’t have pop-up ads and app alerts disrupting your reading.

With increased focus come better comprehension, recall, and response rates. This allows you to visualize the experience of using and enjoying the benefits a product or service. As a result, the product or service is perceived to be more desirable and valuable. In addition to more conversions and higher ROI, brands build affinity and emotional connections with their target audience. That’s the power of literally putting your brand in the hands of the customer.

Lasting Engagement

With print, engagement is far from a “one and done” proposition. When you’re done with online content, you quickly move on to a dozen or more things on your mobile device that are begging for your attention. Print stays with you. You can read it more than once. You can put it down and come back to it later. You can clip a coupon. You can stick it on the fridge, bulletin board, or in your wallet, where it serves as a reminder to perform a certain task or take a certain action.

Daily Anticipation

On top of the physical, mental, and emotional engagement, part of what makes direct mail so effective is the daily anticipation of checking the mailbox. After all, who doesn’t enjoy getting something in the mail?

Unlike the constant stream of incoming email, you get your physical mail once per day. You bring it into your home. You sort and organize. You look for what’s interesting or relevant. In many homes, physical mail has a designated place where each family member can find their mail.

Deeper Engagement

We recommend an omnichannel marketing strategy that integrates online and direct mail to deliver the best possible results. Engage your audience with direct mail that your audience can physically touch, mentally process, and emotionally connect with to drive more conversions and higher ROI.

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