Trigger-based direct mail engages new and existing customers.Trigger-based direct mail is a type of automated marketing that is designed to fire once a customer has taken a certain action that you’ve defined, such as requesting a quote, visiting an in-store location or hitting a milestone (e.g. birthday). Plus, triggered mail campaigns often come with a set-it-and-forget mentality all while bringing in quality customers—what’s not to love?

One important thing to note: Trigger-based mail campaigns will only be successful if you have clean and accurate data to support it. This means making sure your consumer profiles are as complete as they possibly can be, in addition to making sure your mailing lists are up to date and de-duped. Thankfully Digital Dog Direct is an expert when it comes to data processing and will be able to make sure your triggered campaigns go off without a hitch.

Here are some examples of triggered direct mail campaigns that businesses of all kinds can use: 

Thank you note to new customers

One of the best opportunities you can capitalize on through a direct mail campaign is when you acquire a new customer. Not only is this an immediate chance to thank them for their recent purchase (seriously, thank you notes from businesses can go a long way!), it’s also a way to stay on their mind in a natural and authentic way. Plus, sending them something via direct mail as soon as they become a customer helps establish direct mail as a marketing channel where they can expect to hear from you.

Asking for feedback after a purchase

Another trigger-based campaign that is especially effective through direct mail is once a purchase has been made, project has been closed, or engagement has ended. In addition to thanking customers for their engagment, this is also a great opportunity to ask them for feedback. Whether it’s asking them to like you on Facebook and leave a review or contact a customer service specialist to discuss their experience, soliciting feedback via direct mail is a great way to get customers to engage with your business in a way that is meaningful and memorable to them. (Bonus: It also helps draw attention to some of your other digital marketing channels.)

Incentivizing existing customers after periods of inactivity

Trigger mail can be used to re-engage customers that have been inactive for a period of time. Once you set what you define as a period of “inactivity” that makes sense for your business (2 weeks, six months, one year, etc.), you can tailor your message accordingly. Since the goal of this campaign should be to inspire existing customer to re-engage with your business, consider what might grab their attention: Have you rolled out a new product? Did prices change? Another popular tactic for re-engagement campaigns is Incentivizing customers with an exclusive discount or, even better, a personalized promo code (this was your CRM can track behavior of individual customers). Either way, when developing this campaign be sure to consider why someone may have stopped engaging with your business—that often leads to great marketing ideas.

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