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Trigger Campaigns

The goal? Trigger-based direct marketing hits the right person with the right message at the right time.


​The method? Use action-based data in a timely manner so a targeted direct mailpiece can be sent to the customer/prospect within a specific window of opportunity.

Trigger campaigns are ongoing action-based direct mail campaigns that result in higher response and engagement rates due to their precise timing and personalized content.

Essentially, an event occurs (mortgage rates change, customer makes a purchase, prospect gets married, etc.), and a mailpiece is sent to the affected individual specifically regarding their new situation and how the business can solve their issue. The data is processed frequently, usually daily or weekly, so that the prospect receives the message while the recent change is at the top of their mind.

As a result, a highly qualified prospect’s attention is captured at the peak of their purchasing or action-taking probability.

A variety of industries and businesses use trigger campaigns based on the data available to them. The four categories of triggers typically used for these mailers are:

  • Industry – mortgage rates increase, etc.

  • Life Stage – change of residence, marriage, etc.

  • Behavior – membership renewal, product purchase, etc.

  • Inquiry – customer service inquiry, contact form submission, etc.

Trigger campaigns can be set around almost any type of data your business or industry works with. Other examples of triggers include:

  • Periods of inactivity

  • Website interactions

  • Service reminders

  • Cart abandonment

  • New customers

  • Loyalty programs

  • Trendy items/products

  • Events

  • Seasonal needs

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