Photo (L-R): Dave Mazur, Joel Geer, Jennifer Barletta, Ceil Dix, Larry Speaks, Jennifer Bednar, Jose Silva, Ken Maisel, Jay Adcock, Diane DiDonato.

You probably know by now that our tagline at Digital Dog Direct is “Unleash the Power.” As marketing copy, that has a couple of meanings for us. 1) Take advantage of the power of direct mail and 2) Benefit from the power that DDD can bring to your marketing and mailing efforts.

But you might also read our tagline as a call to anyone and any organization to live up to its innate potential, its own power. To become a leader—on one’s team, in one’s organization, or in one’s field. We feel that as a company, each day our team members are combining their unique strengths to unleash the power of our great company!

At Digital Dog Direct we’re proud of the fact that we have so many long-term employees. The ten people shown have been with DDD for at least ten years, most of them for more! Ceil Dix takes the prize with an amazing 33 years of dedication, first at SHM Mailers and staying on when we became Digital Dog Direct.

We applaud each and every one of our team members and hope they continue to be a part of the DDD family for many years to come!