christmas-stamp-historyThe United States Postal Service has long helped make the holiday season more festive with beautiful collections of seasonal postage stamps.

Digi Dog did a little digging and discovered that the USPS first began issuing Christmas Stamps in 1962. The initial print run of 350 million, 2-color (red & green) stamps, quickly sold out. The Bureau of Printing and Engraving then worked around the clock to print over 1 billion by the end of the year!

Hanukkah stamps made their debut in 1990, followed by Kwanzaa in 1997, then by stamps celebrating EID al-Adha in 2001. Many stamps over the seasons simply celebrate with uplifting, non-denominational images of the holiday season.

In celebration of holiday postage stamps, we are showcasing a few of our favorites from over the years. Enjoy and have a very happy holiday!