The USPS offers 2% off postage for mail with advanced technology use.

As part of the United States Postal Service’s lineup of promotional programs for 2019, marketers are encouraged to incorporate new technologies such as mixed and virtual reality, addressable TV, near-field communication (NFC), and digital assistants into direct mail campaigns.

You can take advantage of a 2% discount on eligible postage, but all mailings must be finalized in PostalOne by midnight on August 31, 2019.

The 2019 Emerging and Advanced Technology promotion from the USPS is all about bridging digital and physical experiences by incorporating one or more of the following technology options into your direct mail:

  1. Mixed Reality. A combination of augmented and virtual reality, mixed reality most commonly uses headsets to blend physical and virtual experiences. For this promotion, the direct mail piece must have a trigger that leads to a mixed reality experience.
  2. Virtual Reality. Virtual reality allows you to immerse your audience in your brand in a real or simulated interactive environment that includes sight, touch and/or hearing.
  3. Addressable TV. This allow you to use specific audience data to purchase TV advertising at the household level, creating an omnichannel experience when combined with direct mail.
  4. Digital to Direct Mail. Using dynamically printed, personalized messaging that’s automatically triggered based on a digital interaction, Digital to Direct Mail allows you to create stronger connections with your audience and improve response rates.
  5. Near Field Communication (NFC). Turn your direct mail piece into an NFC-enabled device that allows recipients to interact with your brand by touching their smartphone or tablet to your mail or placing them close together.
  6. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)/Beacon Technology. Use low-energy Bluetooth devices to broadcast an identifier to nearby mobile and electronic devices and deliver a personalized message, coupon or other information.
  7. “Enhanced” Augmented Reality. Unlike basic augmented reality, the video screen appears on top or as part of the physical mail piece to create an enhanced augmented reality display.
  8. Video in Print (ViP). More than a link to a YouTube video, ViP is video advertising integrated right into the printed direct mail piece.
  9. Shoppable Video: Your direct mail piece triggers a shoppable video, which allows the user to watch a video and make a purchase through clickable spots on the video without having to visit your website.
  10. Integration with Digital Assistants. This involves grouping technologies in a way that enables the mail piece to provide the recipient with instructions for engaging with Alexa, Google Home and other digital assistants using voice commands.

Several of these technology options are new, while others have new rules and requirements for 2019. This is why it’s important to work with a mailhouse that knows USPS requirements inside and out.

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