Why Informed Delivery and Direct Mail Are a Powerful Combo

The USPS launched its free Informed Delivery service in 2017 to allow residential consumers to digitally preview their mail. Just sign up and verify your identity, and the USPS will send you a daily email with black-and-white images of the exterior of letter-sized mailpieces.

Informed Delivery can also be used to manage the delivery of packages with USPS Tracking. Track packages, check delivery status, provide delivery instructions, manage notifications, and schedule redelivery if necessary.

In a nutshell, everybody in the household knows what physical mail is coming, whether they’re at home, at work, or on vacation. If mail is urgent or a valuable package is being delivered, the recipient can make a special trip home to pick it up. If they own a second home, they can see what mail is on the way to both properties.

From a marketing perspective, Informed Delivery can help your brand get noticed, build anticipation for your direct mail, and give your campaigns more impact.

Informed Delivery Users Are Satisfied and Engaged

According to a USPS Survey from January 2020, 93 percent of Informed Delivery users are satisfied or very satisfied with the service. 94 percent said they would recommend Informed Delivery to others. On average, 63 percent of Informed Delivery emails are opened on a daily basis, compared to an average open rate of 21.33 percent for all industries, according to MailChimp.

Few platforms offer levels of satisfaction and engagement that match what Informed Delivery has been able to achieve in a relatively short time. This provides a great foundation for effective marketing.

How Informed Delivery Gives Direct Mail More Impact

You mailpiece’s digital scan alone increases exposure. Of course, it’s still a black-and-white scan, and only the address side of letter-sized mail will be shown. To ensure your message is seen and understood, you can optimize your direct mailing, using a format that the USPS can scan, as well as contrasting colors to make your text stand out, even in black and white.

The USPS also allows direct mail marketers to create ride-along content to accompany Informed Delivery emails. You can develop custom video, graphics, animations, and other digital experiences that appear below the scan of your mailing in the daily email.

Because the majority of emails are viewed on mobile devices, you can further enhance the customer experience by creating mobile-friendly content that allows the recipient to respond instantly on their smartphone.

With the email, the physical mailing, and digital ride-along content, you get three touchpoints in a single distribution. Informed Delivery not only increases visibility, but also allows people to engage and respond on their format of choice. For example, younger customers might prefer digital content, while older customers are more likely to respond to the physical mailing.

Prior to your campaign, you can cross-reference your mailing list with Informed Delivery users so you can fine tune your targeting. After the campaign drops, you can access reports to monitor your campaign’s performance.

Informed Delivery is integrated marketing at its best. Multiple touchpoints, precise targeting and customization, high engagement, and detailed performance metrics help you maximize ROI.

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