Design Analysis for Print and Mail Pieces

Once we see what you’re planning, our design and postal experts will check it against our standards and measures.

If you’d like, we have in-house designers, illustrators, and writers for creative development or feedback.

We’ll look at the fine points — stock, color, aspect ratio, thickness, reflectivity, perforations, scores, bendability and more. We’ll crosscheck the job specifications and finalize your price quotation.

Our mail team will analyze your mailing plan to check for more ways to save you money. (The Digital Dog can teach you new tricks.)

Many customers — particularly those with tight timelines or budget constraints — let us handle the full package from start to finish. For others, we work with existing suppliers for parts of a project.

Finally, we’ll produce a detailed schedule that puts everyone on the same page as to what is due by when so we can meet your planned in-home deadlines.