Specialty Services and Fast Turnaround

Do you have a special rush job? Need to mail an odd-size package? Looking for a faster way to respond to customer requests? Talk to us – we’ve got proven methods and creative new ideas for making your direct mail project a success.

Our specialty services include:

  • Fast Turnaround. We offer speedy turnaround for rush jobs, including same-day or next day service – great for time-sensitive mailings, legal and regulatory documents, last-minute issues, and perishable items.
  • Shrink-wrap and poly bags. Protect your mailing without hiding it – or keep multiple items safely together. We offer custom shrink-wrapping of everything from postcards to CDs to books and catalogs. We can also place your magazines, brochures or other materials in secure poly bags to ensure that they remain intact, dry and clean.
  • Snap packs, priority mail, and certified mail. Grab the attention of your customers by sending them a first-class mail piece with an expedited delivery, or with an irresistible snap pack. These high impact delivery options beg to be opened immediately, improving your response rate and their impression of your brand.
  • “Instant response” email-to-direct mail campaigns. Email is a fast, convenient way for your customers to place an order or make an inquiry – but it’s a terrible way to ship a physical product or other item! With our “instant response” service, Digital Dog Direct can respond to your customer emails directly with a package or follow-up mailer as soon as the next day. Your customers will appreciate the express service and prompt attention.

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