Data Processing for Maximum Postal Savings

Data cleansing and appending is an essential component for reducing costs in order to maximize USPS postal discounts and reduce printing, lettershop and postage waste from mailing to non-verified addresses. Digital Dog Direct’s expert data technicians routinely bring order to what is often a cross-platform, multi-format data nightmare as disparate prospect lists arrive from various sources for production. Tap into Our Comprehensive Data-Refinement Services Including:

  • Database Development, Enhancement & Management
  • Data Scrubbing & Mining
  • Merge/Purge and Deduplication
  • USPS Address Correction, Validation & Verification
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) Processing
  • Mailpiece Tracking
  • Address Standardization
  • CASS Certification
  • First Class and Standard Mail (Bulk) Presort
  • Full-Service USPS Intelligent Mail® Barcode Application
  • Delivery-Point Barcode Generation
  • Barcode Tracking and Response Devices
  • “Pander” and Other List Suppression
  • Geocoding for Location Targeting
  • Personalized Map Generation
  • Genderization
  • Custom Coding
  • Data Entry
  • and Much More!

Smart data processing is the foundation for personalized, content-driven direct mail and email marketing campaigns. We also handle logical and mathematical calculations and Boolean (logical) decision analysis to prepare for mailing list segmentation and direct mail piece personalization.

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