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Variable Data Printing and Direct Mail for PNC Bank

PNC Bank has been building new-branch offices in many of its marketplaces. Getting the word out about a new branch and attracting customers to the new facility is an ambitious undertaking and can involve several different tactics. One of the best tactics for this type of endeavor is direct mail to the local community.


Since direct mail campaigns are a Digital Dog Direct specialty, we were ready with our variable-data direct mail services to assist PNC with its branch-network expansion activities.

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The Challenge


PNC had several branches that were being opened at the same time in different marketplaces. To stimulate interest and encourage members of the local community to visit a new branch, PNC wanted to send an announcement of an opening to individuals who lived in close proximity to a new location. Each announcement was to be printed on a 9” x 6” card that needed to include four different pieces of information:

1. the address of the local branch

2. the branch’s hours

3. a small map

4. an offer of a free gift for taking a tour of the branch


Since different branches had different maps, addresses, and hours, gift offers also varied by location. Mail recipients were identified in a data file containing names and addresses of individuals who lived in all the local communities that were now part of the new branch marketplaces. The challenge was to customize a mail piece to each recipient with details specific to the branch located closest to the individual’s home.

The Result

Digital Dog Direct’s solution was to use variable-data digital printing so copy could be tailored to a recipient’s home zip code making the announcement highly relevant for the individual receiving the notification. We controlled and handled recipient data, printing, and mailing.


All recipients in New Jersey zip code 08822 in Flemington received an announcement of the PNC branch located at 240 Route 202 with its hours, a map showing the branch located between Old Yorke Road and The Home Depot® , and a gift offer of a tote bag.


If you lived in a Princeton zip code, your branch, its hours, map, and gift were different. PNC utilized the services of Digital Dog Direct for its branch-network expansion sending between 25,000-185,000 pieces with each mailing.

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