Direct Mail Statistics Marketers Should Know in 2020

While too many organizations make marketing decisions based on infatuation with the latest shiny new object, data shows that direct mail remains a safe, effective marketing investment. Not only does direct mail deliver tremendous results, but new developments in technology used to create direct mail, as well as features available in the actual mailings, make direct mail one of the most innovative marketing channels.

As we count down to 2020, let’s focus on the hard data that speaks to the true value of direct mail marketing.

1) 41 Percent of Americans Look Forward to Checking Mail Every Day (Source)

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving mail or opening the mailbox? This anticipation adds to the effectiveness of direct mail marketing.

2) 65 Percent of Millennials Pay Attention to Direct Mail Advertising (Source)

Mail isn’t just for older generations. In fact, millennials are more likely than Boomers and Gen Xers to bring marketing mail into retail stores, go online because of direct mail marketing, shop at stores that advertise through the mail, and purchase items featured in direct mail marketing.

3) 58 Percent of Mail Received is Marketing Mail (Source)

This is actually great news. If most of the mail people receive is marketing, and people still like getting mail, this only reinforces the point that direct mail marketing is welcome and well-received.

4) 42.2 Percent of Direct Mail Recipients Either Read or Scan the Mail They Receive (Source)

Obviously, getting your marketing noticed is the first step to getting a response. While many forms of marketing are easily ignored, direct mail is far more likely to be read or at least scanned. Fewer than one in four people who receive direct mail don’t read it at all.

5) The Average Response Rate for Direct Mail in 2018 Was 4.9 Percent for Prospect Lists and 9 Percent for House Lists (Source)

These response rates are sharp increases from 2017 (2.9 percent for prospect lists and 5.1 percent for house lists) and dwarf the 1 percent of response rates of email, paid search, and social media. With better data and better lists come better response rates.

6) Personalization (37 Percent) Is Among the Top 3 B2B Marketing Trends (Source)

Is any form of marketing more personal than a mailing with your name printed on it that you retrieve from a mailbox and physically open? Variable-data printing allows you to personalize the text and images on each mailing to ensure it “speaks” to each recipient.

7) 54 Percent of Consumers Want to Receive Mail about Brands and Promotions that Interest Them (Source)

That’s more than the number of people who visit a website, follow brands on social media, or subscribe to receive emails.

8) Brand Recall Is 70 Percent Higher for Direct Mail than Digital Ads (Source)

Researchers studying the neuroscience behind the response to marketing found that direct mail is memorable because it involves multiple senses and is easier to absorb and process.

9) Marketing that Integrates All Channels Is More than Twice as Likely to Be Effective (Source)

We would never suggest abandoning digital marketing. Integrated omnichannel marketing delivers the best results. We specialize in helping marketers integrate direct mail with email, display, and other forms of digital marketing to maximize results.

10) 62 Percent of People Who Responded to Direct Mail in a Three-Month Period Made a Purchase (Source)

This is what it’s all about, right? The action. The sale. The conversion. If you want to get better results from omnichannel marketing, contact us and unleash the power of Digital Dog Direct.