Capture attention with 3D interactive direct mail.Objective #1 in any direct mail campaign is to bring attention to your mail piece and get it opened. There may be no better way to accomplish this than to present your recipient with, well, a present in the form of a package with something three-dimensional inside.

Who can resist opening a small package they receive in mail?

A gift for me?” the recipient gleefully thinks upon finding a package stuffed inside the mailbox. “Gee, I wonder what someone sent me.”

According to the DMA, 3D mail outperforms standard formats by 250%, but only increases cost per lead by 50%. Further evidence of the power of 3Dmail is research from Baylor University that shows response rates among dimensional package recipients were 75% higher than for sales letter recipients.

You can capture the attention of your recipient with many different types of dimensional packages. Some examples include:

  • Poly Envelopes – Perfect for mailing something lumpy that the recipient can feel.
  • Mailing Tubes — Great for large prints such as maps, artwork, and posters with infographics.
  • Easy Fold Mailer Boxes — These come in all sizes for inserting promotional products with sales literature inside.

Three Ways to Use 3D Mail that Drives Interaction

  1. Product Samples

If your product is conducive to sending samples, then by all means do so. Direct mail lets marketers literally put your product into your prospect’s hands. Be sure to use a teaser on the outside that says, “Free Sample Inside.” 

  1. Promotional Products

Often referred to as premiums, you can put your logo and company info on all sorts of products that people never seem to part with. According to Brandwatch, there is a direct correlation between promotional product advertising and improvement in brand recognition and increase in sales.

  1. Two-Part Interactive Gifts

Send just a part of a gift whereby recipients must contact you for the rest. Use a trigger campaign to automate the process: ask your recipient to visit a personalized URL (PURL) or landing page to submit their information, triggering the second part of the mailing to mail out.

Don’t forget, when your recipients open the package, they also need to see a strong message and clear call-to-action related to the object you sent. The object itself is important, but your messaging is what truly reflects your brand!

When your mail hits the mailbox or an executive’s desktop, you want to own it. So think inside and outside the box. What can you send that your recipients rush to open? If you need a few ideas, we can help you with that. And of course we can also print, assemble, and mail your package too.