Household IP targeting and direct mail are a perfect combo.

Most savvy marketers agree that a multichannel approach is most effective. But that doesn’t mean you should just throw a bunch of campaigns up against the walls of different channels and see what sticks. Multichannel works best when you use complementary channels as part of a cohesive strategy.

Household IP targeting allows you to match a physical address with a computer’s IP address so you can precisely target digital ads to specific households. Direct mail has been a conversion and brand-building powerhouse for decades. Both can be personalized to allow you to connect with an individual.

When you put household IP targeting and direct mail together as part of an integrated campaign, you add valuable exposure and touchpoints that can drive response rates skyward. Here are four keys to winning with a combination of household IP targeting and direct mail.

1) Get the Right List

That means your mailing list needs to be accurate, up to date and highly targeted. The right mailing list is the foundation for an effective direct mail campaign, but you also need clean data to support your household IP targeting efforts. Digital Dog Direct can help you obtain the right list based on your desired target audience and campaign goals.

2) Align Your Creative

Consistency is key when using multiple communication channels. Design, messaging, and calls-to-action need to be aligned in print and online so that you are clearly communicating what specific action you want your audience to take, whether that’s a phone call, online transaction, or in-store purchase. When you sync up your digital and direct mail creative and goals, you have a better chance at conversion.

3) Create Touchpoints Over Time

Repetition rules. It increases brand awareness and recall by keeping your brand top-of-mind. Research has shown that repeated exposure to your message can even make it more believable. By definition, a campaign is not a “one and done” proposition. To increase conversions, create multiple touchpoints with a series of mailings that are synced with your household IP targeting ads.

4) Track ROI

After you’ve completed your campaign, it’s time to analyze the results. Gather your sales data for the duration of your campaign and perform a “match back” to your targeted list of household IP and direct mail addresses. Based on your average sale, response rates, conversions and other valuable data, you can measure ROI, assess your performance, and optimize your future marketing campaigns.

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