5 Ways to Track Direct Mail Marketing

Organizations have every right to demand accountability from marketing service providers. Direct mail marketing results should be measured and quantified, not guessed or assumed. Even if you have a clean, properly targeted list and a beautifully designed mailing with a powerful message, you need to be able to track the results to get the most mileage out of every marketing dollar. In addition to response rates and ROI, the right tracking strategy allows you to measure valuable metrics such as cost per acquisition and customer lifetime value.

Direct mail offers a number of ways to track the results of your campaigns. The tracking method you use depends on your organization, marketing objectives, and target audience. Because different people have different communication preferences, you might choose to use multiple tracking methods to determine which generates the highest response and personalize future mailings. Here are five ways to track your direct mail marketing campaigns.

1) Trackable Phone Numbers

By setting up a unique, toll-free phone number for each campaign, you can easily track the response rate. Call-tracking software can also be used to record, analyze, and generate reports on the calls you receive.

2) Trackable URLs

A trackable, campaign-specific URL enables you to measure how many people who received your direct mail visit a web page. Google Analytics can then track the user’s online activity. You can even set up a personalized URL for each person on your list. Each URL should take users to a custom landing page that is focused on conversion, not a generic page on your website where they could be distracted by other information and offers.

3) Coupon/Promo Codes

Coupon and promo codes that are tied to your offer can be redeemed in person, online at checkout, or by phone. Codes can be customized for a specific campaign or list segment or personalized for each recipient. If you don’t want to set up dedicated phone numbers for each campaign, your staff should be trained to ask callers if they have a code to redeem so you can track the response.

4) Physical Coupons

There’s a reason why coupons have been around forever. People hold onto them and use them when they’re ready, whether they save the entire mailing to present to your organization or tear off a coupon.

5) QR Codes

A QR code on your mailing will take the recipient who scans the code with their mobile device to a web page. Again, create a custom landing page for each QR code and track activity through Google Analytics.

Assuming your direct mail marketing campaign is successful because you saw an uptick in sales, leads, calls, or website traffic isn’t enough if you want to precisely measure campaign performance. More granular tracking allows you prove or disprove assumptions, find out what works and what doesn’t, and fine tune your approach to maximize results.

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