Sales Meeting Marketing CollateralYou generate and nurture valuable leads. You have your follow-up call down pat, which opens the door to a meeting. You put your best foot forward, make a great first impression, and deliver a compelling presentation. How do you then ensure that your potential new client keeps you top-of-mind during the decision-making process?

By leaving behind something that prospects find useful. Whether you are meeting with one decision maker or a group around the conference table, you can place a custom printed piece in their hands that is sure to stay on top of the pile for future reference.

As for what to leave behind, you have many bows in that quiver. Before suggesting a few that can be right on target for your purposes, let’s first emphasize that the most impactful leave behinds are…

  1. Personalized — Place the prospect’s company logo on the piece and include the date of the meeting along with recipients’ names.
  2. Printed on Quality Stock — A nice, heavyweight paper, whether glossy or matte finish, exudes quality.
  3. Nicely Finished — If you have multiple pages, have them professionally bound or printed and folded. (Most retail presentation covers look like high school project binders.)

None of the above is cost prohibitive. In this era of digital printing, high-quality, custom printed one-offs or super short runs are inexpensive, yet very impressive. It shows you have the foresight to tailor a solution specifically for the prospect, which in-turn conveys that you will also deliver when it comes to service.

Ten Types of Leave Behinds that Can Keep You in Front of the Pack: 

  1. Notepad — Start the meeting by handing out branded notepads. These will help keep your brand on the front burner throughout the decision process.
  2. Case Study Document — Present case studies that your prospective customer will find relevant to his or her own business.
  3. Testimonial Document — Provide a printed document with testimonials backed by contact information to use as references.
  4. Decision Checklist — Make it easy for your client to consider all factors necessary to make the decision. Every item to be checked off the list should lead to your solution.
  5. Infographic Poster — Visually represent your solution with graphic data, flow charts, fun facts, and professionally designed images. Recipients may even pin it up in their office.
  6. Custom Mini-Brochure — Personalize a small brochure with liberal use of the prospect’s company name. Keep it benefit-driven and problem/solution-oriented.
  7. 3D Piece — Get creative with three-dimensional leave behinds. They will stand out from a pile of sales sheets.
  8. Branded USB Drive — Hand everyone a USB thumb drive with your logo on it. Load a copy of your presentation along with other digital company information onto the drive.
  9. Big Coupon — Create an oversized coupon for 10% off the first order, supported with promise statements.
  10. Unique Business Card — Have a professional graphic designer create a business card that stands apart from run-of-the-mill cards. Print both sides on a stock that feels nice and holds up.

As for what not to leave behind: it is unnecessary to hand out hard copies of a PowerPoint presentation. Simply make it available online or email it to them as a follow up. Besides, you want all eyes on you, not on a pile of paper in front of them.

Everyone appreciates a vendor that pays close attention to detail. An often-overlooked detail is the leave behind, which is what you may or may not be remembered for after the meeting. Leave them with custom printed, useful information and you will come out ahead.