USPS is Raising Postage Rates for 2017Effective January 22, 2017, the United States Postal Service will be implementing new prices, including a two cent increase in the First-Class Mail Forever stamp price. This is the first stamp price increase since January 2014.

The First-Class Mail price changes are as follows:

Letters (1oz)
Current: 47 cents; New 49 cents

Letters (over 1oz)
No price change; 21 cents

Letters to all international destinations
No price change; $1.15

No price change; 34 cents

Metered Mail
Current $0.465; New 46 cents

First-Class Mail Flats
Current 94 cents; New 98 cents

Media Mail
Will overall see a price increase of 1.135%

Library Mail
Will overall see a price increase of 1.135%

Special Services
Certificate of Mailing, Collect on Delivery, Return Receipt, Registered Mail and Signature Confirmation will also see an increase

Other Changes
The name categorization of “Standard Mail” will be rebranded as “USPS Marketing Mail” as to diverge from the “junk mail” connotation.

These changes do not include Shipping Services (First Class Package Service, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express), however, that announcement is expected to be made soon.

Download the USPS 2017 Price Change Fact Sheet (PDF)

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