It’s no secret that determining your business’s target markets is crucial to a sound marketing strategy. Target markets are defined by differences in demographics, socioeconomics, attitudes and values, behaviors, location, and other distinguishable variables.

Targeted Marketing with Types of Mailing Lists

Once you understand whom your target markets are, you can use direct marketing to deliver a tailored message to your buyers by using list segmentation. But with all of the segmentation possibilities it’s hard to know which list will work best for your service, product, and consumer.

This mailing list breakdown clarifies the differences in the types of lists available to your business:

Consumer Mailing Lists

Businesses looking for B2C residential leads use consumer mailing lists to narrow down a very large pool of possible recipients to only the most qualified and targeted consumers. The number of demographics businesses can choose as criteria for their list are nearly unlimited. Some typical criteria are:

  • Zipcode, location radius, age, gender, level of education, dwelling type, homeowner status, length of residence, marital status, net worth model, telephone area code, estimated income, year home built, ethnicity, credit score, and more.

Business Mailing Lists

Businesses looking to generate B2B leads should purchase a business mailing list. This ensures that your mailpiece is delivered to the place of business instead of a residential address. Demographics typically used for business lists are:

  • Industry, annual sales amount, location type, number of employees, locations, ownership, years in business, SIC codes, job titles, and more.

New Movers/Homeowners Mailing Lists

Looking to capture the attention of consumers moving into your business’s area this year? An estimated 14 million Americans will move this year alone and many of them will be looking for new local vendors, restaurants, services, and more. Industries that can benefit from these lists include:

  • Restaurants, gyms, cleaners, insurance agents, dental offices, storage facilities, furniture retailers, lawn & landscaper services.

Specialty Lists

If you are looking to target a very specific demographic a specialty list may be right for you. These lists are custom tailored to your exact population so your message ends up only in the mailboxes of those you wish to attract. Examples include:

  • New parents, presence of children and child age, green consumers, activities and interests (health & fitness, automotive vehicle type, etc.), student demographics, mortgage and realty leads, doctors and nurses demographics, and more.

Your Own List

Have your own list of clients, members, donors, customers, or prospects? Use it! Many businesses will mail to their own lists to nurture retention rates, encourage repeat purchases or donations, or reach out to their prospects with whom they’ve had previous interaction.

Does your business know and understand its target markets and how to effectively leverage segmentation? Digital Dog Direct can help you procure the best list for your company and direct mail goals.

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