DDD is one of the top direct mail companies in New Jersey.

Here at DDD, our love for mail knows no boundaries. We love mail of all different shapes, sizes, weights, materials and classes.

However, there is one class of mail that has a particular soft spot in our heart: Priority Mail. This class of mail, which is the USPS’ most popular package service, is a go-to for many companies and organizations that want to run direct mail campaigns because of its positive response rate and overall value. As it’s defined by the United States Postal Service website, “Priority Mail covers items weighing 13 ounces to 70 pounds and delivers in 1-3 days throughout the US.” And when it comes to Priority Mail,  DDD, your favorite direct mail company in New Jersey, has got you covered.

Here are some quick facts about Priority Mail:

  • Priority Mail can be used to send a variety of different types of content including bills, invoices, personal correspondence, and merchandise.
  • If you need something delivered quickly, Priority Mail will give you the best value.
  • USPS tracking is free for Priority Mail. Our clients with call centers or sales teams waiting to follow-up love this feature.
  • USPS announced as part of its January 2016 rate increase, Priority Mail Express Flat Rate boxes are officially discontinued.
  • While Priority Mail strives to deliver between 1-3 business days based on the date printed on your receipt, the expected delivery date does not come with a money-back guarantee. Still, you can track your pieces so you know when they are, in fact, delivered.
  • Priority Mail postage is determined by how far the mailpiece must travel to get to its destination: the farther it travels the more you pay in postage.

So why choose Priority Mail?

The number one benefit of Priority Mail is that it will almost surely get opened. Because Priority Mail is designed to look important (such as its label saying “Priority”), people make a point to open it in a timely fashion and to be very aware of what they are reading. From an advertising perspective, this is ideal, because you’re getting in front of a potential customer when they are very alert and focused on what you have to say.

Another reason why Priority Mail is a great option is because it proves incredibly effective and cost efficient when targeting specific, high-value prospects (especially those with a significant lifetime value). However, you would not want to spend the money on Priority Mail for every campaign, especially when you’re targeting a wide audience with a very high quantity or if your mailings are being sent to promote something of low value to your company. Still, Priority Mail is cost effective when you have really good prospects that may prove difficult to reach through more-traditional means.

Next time your company or organization wants to run a Priority Mail campaign, let us handle it. We have the resources to quickly address and process any mailing quantity and get them out the door fast. Whether straightforward insert and mail programs or custom production of full-color, personalized mailers and inserts, we’re ready. And, as always, we’ll make delivering your mail our priority.

Source: http://pe.usps.com/businessmail101/classes/welcome.htm