Looking to add a distinctive and sophisticated style to your next printed marketing piece? UV Soft Touch coating provides the recipient with both a visual and a tactile experience unlike other types of coatings.

Hamilton Jewelers UV Soft Touch

Hamilton Jewelers of Princeton, NJ uses UV Soft Touch for a variety of their marketing collateral, including this beautiful invitation.

Coating a gloss stock with the UV Soft Touch removes the glossy appearance and creates a more matte-like look. The difference between matte and UV Soft Touch is the feel of the latter—some liken it to velvet. Because of this, UV Soft Touch is perfect for pieces that require a chic, high-end, or refined finish.

UV Soft Touch a more affordable alternative to fiber paper stocks, but still provides a unique sensation and luxurious feel to the fingers. Recreate the look of colored or textured paper in your design file and the UV Soft Touch finish will complete the look in your finished product.


Coating also provides the benefit of protecting the printed mailpiece from damage made by postal equipment and the delivery process. Of course, nothing protects a mailpiece completely from shipping bumps and bruises, but coating does increase durability.

UV Soft Touch is the perfect finish for a unique, high quality look and feel.

Interested in using UV Soft Touch for your next project? It’s great for business cards, mailers, brochures, postcards, pamphlets, and more. Ask us for a quote.

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