Businesses that Should Use Every Door Direct MailThe title of this blog might be a little deceiving in that it only calls out 3 types of businesses that should be using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). The truth is that nearly every business-to-consumer organization with — or sometimes even without — a brick-and-mortar location can benefit from it.

So, what is EDDM exactly?

EDDM is a program run by the United States Postal Service that allows companies to target potential consumers based on their ZIP code, as well as general demographic information like their age, household size, or income (all of which is available through the U.S. Census Bureau). It’s a very popular program, especially among smaller businesses, since it offers an easy and affordable way to target large audiences via direct mail. 

While many businesses could benefit from running an EDDM campaign, here are a few examples of businesses that should be leveraging its power today: 

If you’re a new business and don’t yet have any customers

For businesses that are just getting started, EDDM can be a great way to generate brand awareness and buzz. Unlike established businesses that can target past customers or leads, new businesses typically don’t have their own mailing lists and therefore need to rely on programs like EDDM to get started. Think of it this way: Each new customer you hope to acquire will have to hear about you from somewhere. Why not let them discover what your business has to offer through a well-crafted piece of direct mail?

If your products or services are appealing to a broad demographic

Because EDDM targets people based on general demographic information like age, you don’t have the advantage of strategically targeting potential customers based on information that’s specific to your business. That said, EDDM is one of the best ways to saturate a geographical area and general population. Keep in mind that EDDM campaigns should include more broad messaging so that they feel relevant and applicable to as many people as possible. (Note: Broad doesn’t mean vague; you should still be specific and clear about what your business offers. Just keep in mind that a variety of customer types, or personas, will be receiving your message.)

If your business is trying to attract local customers 

EDDM allows you to target people in specific ZIP codes. It even allows you to get as granular as targeting households along a specific delivery route. That’s why this is a great option for local businesses that are looking to attract people who live nearby. It’s also a great option for businesses that are endemic to the area itself, like a local restaurant that isn’t interested in targeting people who live more than 45 minutes away.

In short, EDDM is a great way to keep your target audience small yet relevant, all while making your marketing budget work harder for you.

Interested in starting your own EDDM mail campaign? Download our free reference guide and templates.

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