The holiday season is the busiest time of year for the US Postal Service!

2015 Holiday Mail Cut Off Dates

Don’t let your direct mail campaign get caught up, delayed, or cut out of the mix by missing any important cut off dates. Click below for a PDF with the 2015 Holiday Shipping Cut Off Dates for First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Standard Post, and more:

>> Download the USPS 2015 Holiday Shipping Cut Off Dates! <<

Did you know that the US Postal Service projected that 15.5 billion cards, letters, and packages would be delivered during the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve) in 2014? That estimation was an increase from prior years: The holiday volume between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve for 2013 was 14.7 billion pieces; 2012 was 15.2 billion pieces; and 2011 was 16.5 billion pieces. (USPS.)

Sure enough, the USPS was quite busy during the 2014 holidays, recording these numbers:

  • 28 million packages and 463 million pieces of mail delivered on Monday, December 22, 2014 (busiest day of the year).
  • 524 million packages were delivered in total in 2014 — an 18% increase from December 2013.


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